What to Expect


What to Expect from Counselling

At New Aniibiish Counselling, we will try to understand how you experience your life from your perspective. We will make every effort not to assume that we know what you feel like simply because of shared similar experience and will do all that we can to treat your experience as something uniquely different.

It is important that you feel safe during sessions, and this will continually be assessed. Your needs, comfort, and safety are paramount in this respect.

Connecting with One Self

Sometimes you may like to ask for an opinion on what others would do in your situation. It is important to respect your own process of finding what matters to you. This can be difficult at first because, for many of us, we have lost touch with ourselves and have learned to value the opinions of others over our own.

New Aniibiish approach attempts to encourage you to trust in your own inner voice, which leads to a much richer and fulfilling way of moving forward.


Talking with Others

How will this make me feel? Talking about your problems is a very personal process. Sometimes it is necessary to talk about painful feelings or difficult decisions, so you may go through a period of feeling worse than when you started. However, talking about it should enable you to feel better in the long-run. If you do experience a period of feeling worse, share your concerns to ensure you get the best out of your work at New Aniibiish.

The importance of talking about these issues is being understood and about having another person truly listen to what matters to you in an accepting and non-judgmental environment. This is the minimum expectation. It is to be in the presence of someone who is genuinely intrigued about your life and how you experience it.

Life Experiences

We often try to understand one another by using our own life experiences. There is something quite human about using our life experiences as a starting point, but there can be a problem with this.

The importance of not assuming is no other person can assume how another person feels feel based on their own personal experiences. We are all very different in how we perceive or interpret life. Two people standing next to each other looking at the same sunset will see something similar but not exactly the same. The New Aniibiish approach is to try and tune into your unique way of how and why you interpret life the way you do.

Tapping Into Your Potential

Exploring your life in this manner is useful because it takes a neutral position in that it does not impose ideas about how you 'ought' or 'should' be feeling. There are no 'correct' ways to 'get through' your difficulties. There is no set standard for how individuals ought to respond to what causes them distress. New Aniibiish approach seeks to work with you and unlock what works for you.

The process can feel strange in the beginning. It may seem somewhat clumsy or frustrating at first. It is not uncommon to feel uncomfortable as you try to understand and unravel some of the issues that brought you. However, these types of feelings are quite typical, especially in the beginning.

If you can be patient with the process, you will find that you will be able to release charge held on troubling issues in a short time.