Virtual On-Line Services


Online counselling means having a counselling session via telephone, online video call, or any other form of technology, without coming to an office. Many people today live fast-paced lives that make it hard for them to consistently make it to a therapist’s office. Online is convenient, easily accessible, and, for some people, more comfortable in terms of opening and feeling less stigmatized.

Technology has advanced to the point where high quality therapy can be accessed from anywhere, and a lot of research is showing that remote counselling can be almost as effective as face-to-face therapy. Online counselling is a new approach to therapy and although it offers convenience, it does not guarantee complete confidentiality – the internet just doesn’t work that way. As such, please only engage in online counselling if you are comfortable with the associated risks.



Places a strong value on client-centered approaches that are collaborative, solution-focused, and grounded in evidence-based science. We work with clients on a range of issues.


Some problems cannot be resolved online and should be addressed in a face-to-face setting:

  • 1 You must be 10 years of age or older.
  • 2 You must be physically located in Manitoba at the time of the session.
  • 3 You are not suffering from any severe mental illness loss of contact with reality (psychotic symptoms) and are not suicidal. If you have been sexually abused and want to address abuse in counselling, have a serious substance abuse issue or eating disorder, or have severe post-traumatic stress symptoms. Panic disorder or severe anxious or depressive symptoms
  • 4 You agree that you will contact 911 or a crisis service should you become suicidal while using this medium.
  • 5 New Aniibiish does not provide online counselling services to anonymous clients. You must register by providing your legal name, date of birth and valid email address. You must provide complete and accurate information to us and if your information changes you must update it immediately.
  • 6 Sessions involve discussions of personal, private, and sensitive information. Should others in your proximity be privy to this information it could result in harmful consequences. You understand and acknowledge that it is your responsibility to find a location to carry out your session that is private, quiet, free from interruptions, and safe from people that could overhear your session.
  • 7 You agree that the information discussed shall not be utilized by you in any legal proceedings.
  • 8 You agree not to use any recording device or software.
  • 9 New Aniibiish does not offer crisis counselling or emergency services. If you are experiencing any symptoms of the above, we advise you to seek immediate in-person assistance. If you feel you are in a crisis and your issue is an emergency, go to the nearest emergency room or call 911.
  • 10 If you have suicidal feelings you can also contact Manitoba Suicide Prevention & Support Line 1-877-435-7170


Across the country, therapists are typically registered with a supervising body or college. This registration ensures that therapists are following the regulations, as well as the ethical and professional standards of their field, and provides an external committee in areas of dispute. As such, registered therapists are required to only practice in the provinces in which they are registered and are in good standing. This will ensure that therapists understand and maintain the laws set out within each regulating province.